Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy World UFO DAY

It's a real holiday, I swear. Google it.
For illustration class we all had to design a greeting card for a random holiday (we were given a list to pick from).
I did a line drawing of this in sharpie, scanned and stitched in photoshop, and then just plopped the colors in there (I'm not sure why the colors are all skewed; my sky was a dark blue but now it's blood red? Thanks blogger!). Then we laid out the card in InDesign. This was my first real photoshop experience! It was exciting and scary. But now I can make greeting cards, which is very handy (anyone need anything? I promise to be cheaper than the going rate...)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad Dream Part III

These should be in order this time. Final images on this drawing; the east half of the classroom. I apologize for blurriness. I'm trying to get better at that...

Bad Dream Part II

Details from the east half of the classroom. I'm having trouble getting the images go in order; but you can kind of get the idea. They're still blurry, but it's better than the previous post. Yes, abstraction happened. Thoughts? Still more to come...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Dream Part I

Yes, I realize this is hard to see. Blogger was being weird and not letting me upload the closer up pictures; those will be in the next post.
Anyway, so for Life Drawing II we had to somehow put several figures in a 3 dimensional 360 degree space.
I went off the idea of that nightmare that many people have where you're in class(work/prom/etc) and suddenly you realize you're naked. I had 13 of my friends plus myself pose for pictures and I mostly went from photo reference.
I can't remember the exact dimensions of this piece, I want to say around 18' long and 30ish inches tall? Something that takes up an obnoxious amount of space. Medium: sharpie/ink over pencil.
Also, photo was taken in the pit at the Art Building at UConn, in case you wanted to know.
Better pictures to follow...