Sunday, August 30, 2009

Megan's Birthday

My cousin told me that for her 21st birthday she wanted me to make some kind of art for her to hang on her wall. She said she wanted it to somehow represent our friendship. It would make more sense if you knew us, but how can you define a relationship in words? (Well maybe some people can, but I'm a visual artist, not a writer) The pink unicorn with "w" is me, the purple pegasus with the "m" is her. Colored pencil (as usual) and pounds of glitter. The frame is from Michaels, and yes, that's her wall that it's on.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


A coworker friend of mine got married this summer, and she asked me to design the invitations.
We got a few of the other girl chemists to come help brainstorm one day. After I showed her a few rough sketches of different ideas, she picked this is, I think because the colors of her wedding were yellow and blue and originally she had an idea to have this as the center piece but I think that changed at the last minute or something.
Anyway, I just drew the picture in colored pencil (using a few different photo references; I didn't have an actual picture of a sunflower in a wine bottle, but I think if I were to do it again I would set up a still life for myself and draw from that) and then just arranged it and added text in Adobe InDesign.
Their loved ones got their wedding so I think that means I succeeded :-) (Although I don't know if they used the thank you cards yet, so I won't jump to conclusions...)

Anyone else wanna get married?...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Science Wizards

I have no idea why every time I try to upload a photoshop image the colors get distorted. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

I've been working at the UConn Chemistry Outreach center since Fall '07. During the month of May we send a team out to different middle schools in the surrounding area to do demonstrations and activities to get kids interested in science. Some of these activities include making water filters and a variety of liquid nitrogen/dry ice things, among other things.

My job was to stay back at the lab and clean their supplies and restock and get them ready for the next day.
The other thing I did was design t-shirts for the team, which you see here. I sketched in pencil, then sharpie, then scanned it in and plopped colors in in Adobe PS, then my coworkers added words (it was around finals and I didn't have very much time). Later I found out that I couldn't do multiple colors, but the company made it work. What do you think?
*sponsored lovingly by Traveler's (I like to use the word "lovingly" because it's inappropriate)*

For more info on the outreach center:
Or Traveler's:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ELATED!!! :-) :-) :-)

My final in illustration was a group project: Each of us had to choose an emotion and illustrate it on the same size piece of illustration board (11"x14") with some sort of horizon line 5" from the bottom.
I chose "elated", my medium was colored pencil. The image without me in it was the drawing pre-glitter. I used both spray glitter and glitter glue. It may be hard to tell how much glitter I used from this photo with me holding the drawing, so you'll have to trust me when I say that I used enough glitter to violently kill a grown man. True story.
If you'd like to see the rest of my class's work/the rest of the project, my friend made a post on her blog that includes everyone (that's where I stole the photo actually):

This was featured in a show in the UConn Cage Gallery called "Joy" in Fall 2009.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Illustration for a Magazine Article

If only I knew where to find that article online... The author is Martha Irvine and the title is "Youngsters not happy oldies going online" and the illustrator is Sarah Louise Upjohn... oh wait.
The image you see here is supposed to be the title page in a magazine; the title would be down at the bottom (hence the empty space). It was an assignment for my illustration class this past spring; I didn't ACTUALLY get my illustration in a magazine. Someday though, someday...
It was made by painting paper with acrylic, and then cutting out the shapes to make a collage. There's probably a name for that...

Also, I don't know where that giant ugly border came from, I must have put it there... Good thing I'm not losing my mind or anything...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portrait in the Manner of Alyssa Monks

She does photo-realistic self portraits in oil. I don't have the photo-realistic part down. But often she's in a bathtub or shower; occasionally wearing a dress or something. Lots of cool angles.

With pastel and paper slightly smaller than life, this is me, pretending I'm Alyssa Monks.

For more info on Monks in all HER glory; visit

Portrait in the Manner of Natalia Fabia

For my final in Life Drawing II, we had to choose 2 artists and replicate something about them.

One of mine was Natalia Fabia's "Hooker Sleepover":

I am not a polished oil painter like she is, but I like the theme. My friends posed for the photo (it's amazing what people will do for the ones they love). The first was done with cheap acrylic (I apologize for the glare) and the second with pastel and guesso. They're the size of your arms when you're about the hug someone. My measurements and getting more and more vague...

For more info on Natalia Fabia in all her glory, visit:

Ugly Is the New Attractive

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for: a chance to look up my nose. There it is. Cola, charcoal, hands, messy, sanding it down, destroying it, building it back up again, scratching with my fingernails... The white one has gesso and the other one does not. From a picture I took of myself.
The nongesso was done first. That's brown paper you see behind it, I made holes by purpose...
The whiter one first had a layer of orange watered down acrylic on the paper, before I started. You can see it a little? Maybe?
They're about 5 feet tall... I think. And yes, another product of Life Drawing II; a few more to go...

Reclining Woman

I think this is pretty self explanatory... it's a woman... reclining...
Pastel on ripped drawing paper. It's hard to say the dimensions because it's a blob, but it's about 16"x20".
This was also made in Life Drawing II.

Sumi Ink

For a little while there at the end of Life Drawing II, we played around with ink and brushes and I felt sophisticated and it was messy. The man sitting is roughly 17"x17" and the woman bending over (supported by a stool that I wasn't terribly interested in reproducing) is roughly 19"x23".

Naked People hang out together

In my Life Drawing II class this past spring, we made our models get cozy. It's fun to see the different ways they choose to interact in such a situation. Both of these are black charcoal and a little smaller than me.