Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ELATED!!! :-) :-) :-)

My final in illustration was a group project: Each of us had to choose an emotion and illustrate it on the same size piece of illustration board (11"x14") with some sort of horizon line 5" from the bottom.
I chose "elated", my medium was colored pencil. The image without me in it was the drawing pre-glitter. I used both spray glitter and glitter glue. It may be hard to tell how much glitter I used from this photo with me holding the drawing, so you'll have to trust me when I say that I used enough glitter to violently kill a grown man. True story.
If you'd like to see the rest of my class's work/the rest of the project, my friend made a post on her blog that includes everyone (that's where I stole the photo actually):


This was featured in a show in the UConn Cage Gallery called "Joy" in Fall 2009.