Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portrait in the Manner of Natalia Fabia

For my final in Life Drawing II, we had to choose 2 artists and replicate something about them.

One of mine was Natalia Fabia's "Hooker Sleepover": http://www.nataliafabia.com/displayimg.php?galleryid=dreamescape&imgid=13&tnpage=2

I am not a polished oil painter like she is, but I like the theme. My friends posed for the photo (it's amazing what people will do for the ones they love). The first was done with cheap acrylic (I apologize for the glare) and the second with pastel and guesso. They're the size of your arms when you're about the hug someone. My measurements and getting more and more vague...

For more info on Natalia Fabia in all her glory, visit: http://nataliafabia.com/