Monday, November 22, 2010

My Swanky Studio

 This is a different kind of post.  No artwork here, but I wanted to take the time to show off the groovy studio I've been working in for the past month (and will have until May).  Okay, so it isn't MY studio; it's a cube I share it with fellow illustrators Adam and Sarah.  We have 2 photographers in the one adjacent cube and 2 sculptors in the other adjacent cube.

*Please note: I didn't do anything special to get this studio, I have impeccable timing and happen to be comfortable stalking all the right authority figures in order to get what I want.*

Outside view at night.  For those of you that know UConn, it's the ceramic barn; our studios are upstairs.  See those doors in the middle on top (they aren't real doors, that would be dangerous)?  That's our/my space!  See that totally cute purple car in the foreground?  That's my car!

Door to get into the studios (I have the key!)
Big Sink.

For when we make a giant mess (see my desk in the upper right corner?  Isn't is adorable?)

There is paint and crayon on the ceiling.  How does that even happen?

 We have 3 clocks.  None of them work though, because that would just make sense.  Time is irrelevant anyway.

Please note the painting of the fisherman.   I don't know what's up with that either.

The closer desk is mine.  This was in the beginning when it was so clean and beautiful.

Another picture of my desks when I first moved in.

 My filthy hot mess.
Am I bad at stretching canvases that look like squares instead of diamonds?  I gesso.
Hahahahahahaha I'm a riot.

 My stash.
View from the super clean window.

This is what I saw when I I turned around from my desk before Sarah moved in.  Now I see the same thing except Sarah has a real desk instead of that school chair/desk thing.

This is what my face looks like after 14 straight hours of artworking.  Please note the bloodshot eyes, psycho hair, dirty makeupless face, and overall lack of adorableness.

It's worth it though.