Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slightly Pissed

6.5"x7" Mixed Media on Strathmore 132 Hot Press

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Manchester Studio

After I graduated from college (was that really almost 3 years ago?  Yikes) I was able to live with my parents to help pay off student loans and save up some money.  Depending on your setup, I would highly recommend this option.  It was very helpful as I was trying to get on my feet, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by family at the end of each day.
Anyway, for years I've been supplementing my income by being commissioned for paintings and drawings. I needed a place to work, so I set up an "Art Studio" at my house, which really means "The half of my bedroom sectioned off with a chest of drawers and an art supply shelf."  It's been wonderful. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm getting married (in about 6 weeks!).  This means that I will be moving out of my parents house and making a new home with Michael.  It occurred to me that perhaps I should document this lovely work space before I pack it all up and set it up completely different in a new place.  After all, that's what I did with the lovely studio space UConn gave me senior year.  Enjoy:

Books and natural light are important.

More books, supplies, works in progress, pieces that had to lean against the wall because my closet is full, chair for thinking and reading and sketching.  I might add that while you may not be able to stand up fully under them, caped ceilings are the epitome of coziness.

My dad built me a book shelf that I promptly filled with my stash of filled sketchbooks, expensive magazines (Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose are my favorite ones to splurge on), Art History books, Art Philosophy/Religion, Art Business, and other must-haves.  This is the shelf about a year ago.

And this is the shelf today.  Look, I've already started to pack!

This wall usually has brainstorming clippings from whatever my current project is.  But the stiletto stays constant because that's ALWAYS inspirational.

My messy stash of supplies.  Dividing the room with furniture helps me play a psychological trick on myself.  I have a bedroom and I have an art studio, and they are 2 different spaces for 2 different purposes.

View from the blue chair.

Once we get our East Hartford apartment all set up, I will post photos of that.  It will be fabulous because it will be a shared space, like in college, which is so wonderful for creativity and community.  I can't wait!