Monday, December 15, 2014

Bridesmaid Gift

This is the last post about our wedding, don't worry.
I know every bride says this, but the truth is, my bridesmaids were/are actually the best. Obviously, their gift needed to be special. I drew their lovely faces in my sketchbook, then brought it into Adobe Illustrator and created a vector drawing that I sent to Wedding Chicks, who printed 6 fair trade totes made out of recycled cotton.

The bride (me) is the one in the top middle.

Here is the print out (I steamed it a week before this photo, then let it get wrinkly again).

Next it was time to fill the totes. Luckily I am a graphic designer for American Gourmet Group, LLC, which is the parent company of a chocolate company and a gift company, so I had a lot of great resources. I picked out some chocolatey treats that I thought each girl would like, and then our product development/visual merchandiser helped me pick out lotions and other nice things, and then our packaging person professionally wrapped them in cello and tied them with custom ribbons.
Custom ribbons I printed for each girl (one of our wedding colors was teal).

I really enjoyed putting together gifts for these 5 very special women.

This is me holding a tote for size.